When you visit or use this website, a cookie will be created that we can use to provide statistics that help improve your browsing experience on our website. The statement below describes our policy regarding cookies.

If you do not agree to any of the following, you can change the settings of your web browser to disable cookies. If you continue to use our website without changing these settings, then you agree to our use of cookies.

What are cookies?

During your visit to our website, the pages you view in your browser are downloaded to your computer in addition to a file known as a cookie. Most websites do the same thing because cookies allow the website publisher to do useful things such as discover whether the computer (or perhaps the user) has visited the website before. When the visit is repeated, the site checks for a cookie that it may have left on the previous visit.

What then is a cookie? When you visit a website, this website automatically creates a cookie for the computer that you used to browse the website. Cookies are text files used to identify your device to the website’s server (server). These files do not by themselves identify the person using the computer, but only the computer being used. Many websites do this whenever a user visits their pages, in order to monitor the flow of data to and from the website. Cookies by themselves record only the parts or pages of the website that the computer in question visited and the length of time that each visit lasted. The user can adjust the settings of the web browser on his device according to three options: the first is to accept all cookies, the second to notify him when a cookie is created for his device, and the third is not to receive any cookies at any time, knowing that this option naturally means the inability to provide certain personal services to that user. You should read the information about your browser program to learn how to activate these options. But even if you have not set your browser settings to disable cookies, you can browse our website without revealing the identity of the user, and later if you want to register your information with us.

What do cookies tell us?

We use cookies to collect data in accordance with the privacy policy, based on the patterns and manner in which users browse the website in order to conduct analyzes that are concerned with users’ interests and demographic characteristics, as this data allows us, for example, to estimate the user’s age, gender, and things that may be in his interests.

What is the purpose of our use of cookies?

We use cookies to give you a better experience when you return to our website. We use it in particular to:

  • Understand our audiences better, for example by estimating the size and patterns of users and tracking their level of interest in our campaigns.
  • Track your preferences and customize website usage to suit your requirements and interests.
  • Avoid the long registration process with every visit.
  • Display relevant ads, messages, and appeals on other websites that you visit.
  • Improve and update our website.

How do we collect and analyze cookies?

We do not collect data and analyze it to create cookies directly, but rather we use a specialized service provider who collects information about your preferences through your visits to our website, and analyzes these preferences from the cookies stored on the web browser you use.

We obtain this information by enabling Google Analytics and analyzing the traffic on our website through “Google Advertising Cookies”, which are a series of cookies that are already on your web browser and collect data from your preferences in your browser. You can see the types of cookies Google uses and learn more about the different categories of cookies on Google privacy and terms.

We may change the service provider without notifying you in this regard, and we will update this policy as appropriate at any time.

What if you don’t want your cookies to be used by us?

  • Adjust the option on Google Ad Settings.
  • If you want to stop all services of Google Analytics, you can add an extension to your browser, you can learn more about that from here.
  • As an alternative solution, you can use private or incognito browsing mode, which is available in popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

How can I disable information collection?

There are many websites that provide instructions on how to disable the collection and use of your information for promotional purposes. For example:

Do we share data from cookies with other organizations?

We may share data from your cookies with partners, agents, or service providers in order to understand our audience more effectively.